Sex Games

Strip Laser Tag - get shot while naked

Strip Laser Tag

With inexpensive laser guns available in stores and online, grown-ups can have grown-up fun with these kids' toys. Strip down and shoot your spouse! [...]


Roll the Tape

Roll the Tape

So, you want to make a homemade sex tape but you’re not sure what to do? Well, here’s your chance to let the dice determine the details so you can determine to focus on the fun. [...]


Scrabble sex game

Scrubble [Your Mouth Out] – a Scrabble Sex Game

Try your hand at verbal expressions of your sexuality, and be prepared to laugh. But watch out; you might have to do more than talk if your opponent’s tiles conspire against you. And you might just have to put your body where your mouth is. [...]


basketball sex game

P-E-R-V-E-R-T – a Basketball Sex Game

Time to dust off your old hoops skills. Whether on some secluded blacktop or in your living room with a Nerf ball, you can be sure that your handling skills will be required. [...]


Monopoly sex game

Monopolust – a Monopoly Sex Game

There’s more than one way to pay the rent, and that’s never more apparent than in this strip-heavy and favor-ridden take on the old classic real estate game. [...]


Jenga sex game

Steady Hands – a Jenga Sex Game

This game is very simple to play, but it requires a lot of focus, dexterity, and skill. If your off hand is steady on its own or your primary hand has that special touch, you've got a fighting chance. If not, it'll all come crashing down. And if you're ambidextrous, God help your opponent. [...]


S&M-esque sex game

Safe Word

This kinky game is a great way to have some unpleasant and pleasant experiences in the safe afternoon. Someone will suffer, but you never know who. And that person might also get pleasured… if they refuse to say the safe word. [...]


Sorry! sex game

Laundry – A Sorry Sex Game

It's laundry day, and there's a guarantee that some or all of what you're wearing will end up in the wash. The only questions are: 1. Will you still be wearing it when the presoak begins? ...and... 2. Will you end up wearing your own clothes? [...]


Battleship sex game

Battlestrip – A Battleship Sex Game

All is fair in love and war. Just keep telling yourself that as you try to take off your shirt seductively while the pants around your ankles restrict your movements to sexy penguin waddles. Don't worry; your turn is next. [...]


Clue sex game

Cluthes – A Clue Sex Game

Cluthes is all about clothes; each room change could result in a change of attire, and you can risk losing some (or all) of your clothing for a while after the game’s completion. [...]


Game of Life sex game

Wet-n-Wildlife – A Game of Life Sex Game

Break out the swimsuit and have some towels handy. There’s no chance you’ll end up dry, and no guarantee you won’t lose the shirt off your back. But the winnings could be well worth it. [...]


wetlook watergun sex game

Whitewater Showdown – A Wetlook Sex Game

The ultimate wet t-shirt contest, this game involves three rounds of [water gun](#replaceme) mayhem followed by some stimulating lip action. So be prepared to get wet, get naked, and get wet all over again. But know that the dryer you stay _during_ the match, the wetter you'll get when it's all over. [...]


Halo sex game

Fiery Fight – A Halo Sex Game

Even a girl who can't save the world can be adequately handicapped to keep this game a challenge. And even if you die a lot, your naked distraction could drag him down with you. [...]


Risk sex game

Frisk – a Risk Sex Game

You can score a heavy advantage if you can find the die hidden on the other player. If you fail, try to survive long enough to frisk again. [...]


Smash Bros sex game

Spicy Smash Bros

The game is already playful and animated, and what could make it more fun than introducing nudity? This is a no brainer. [...]


Mario Kart sex game

Kardio Kart – A Mario Kart Sex Game

Get your sweat on and get your groove on, too! And while you rest for your next interval, you can have some fun playing Mario Kart. Who said video games are for lazy people? [...]