Sex Game: Scrubble [Your Mouth Out] – a Scrabble Sex Game

Innuendo? In-your-end-o!

Try your hand at verbal expressions of your sexuality in this Scrabble sex game, and be prepared to laugh. But watch out; you might have to do more than talk if your opponent’s tiles conspire against you. And you might just have to put your body where your mouth is.


Each player will need a personal pen and piece of paper to mark down their favorite innuendos. Each player will need to wear only approved clothing as listed in the Per-Person Supplies. Note that shoes, socks, and stockings count as individual articles in this game.

The game is set up according to traditional rules.


The game is played until one player is out of tiles and all tiles have been drawn, or all tiles have been drawn but no player can play. Winners are determined by traditional rules.

Special Rules

The following special rules supplement traditional gameplay.

  • Innuendo – In order to play a word, it must be spoken as part of an innuendo, come-on, or erotic description. Symbolism is acceptable if it makes sense.
  • Pass – If a player cannot play any words or they cannot use an otherwise playable word as required, they must pass. They draw an extra letter tile and remove one article of clothing.
  • Action Verbs – If a player’s word can be clearly interpreted as a verb, they must mime the action of the verb for ten (10) seconds.
  • Flashery – If a player’s word can be clearly interpreted as a body part, they must be shown the body part in clear view for ten (10) seconds. For these purposes, articles of clothing (if worn) count as body parts.
  • Blank – If a player uses a blank tile in a word (including one already in play) the next player loses their turn and one article of clothing.
  • Double Letter Score – If a player gets a double letter score, the next player removes one article of clothing.
  • Triple Letter Score – If a player gets a triple letter score, the next player removes two articles of clothing.
  • Double Word Score – If a player gets a double word score, the player regains one article of clothing.
  • Triple Word Score – If a player gets a triple word score, the player regains two articles of clothing.
  • Bingo – If a player uses seven or more of their tiles on a single play, the player regains all lost clothing.
  • Winner – The winner of the game gets to put all of their clothing back on unless the player still had unplayed tiles at the end of the game. If so, count the total number of points on the remaining tiles and divide that number by three (3), rounding down. The winner may put back on all but that number of articles.
    After a number of minutes equal to their remaining tile total, the winner may put on another article. This repeats until the winner is fully clothed.
    In addition, the winner may select any innuendo made in the game (except their own) to make a reality.
  • Loser – A loser keeps all their lost clothing off. Totaling all leftover tiles (including the winner’s), set a timer for that number of minutes. Each time that timer goes off, the loser may put on one article of clothing before resetting the timer.