bacon angels

Beautiful Bacon

I'm so thankful for the freedom to eat bacon that comes with this Christianity thing. I won't say that it was the deciding factor when choosing between the big three monotheistic religions, but it certainly didn't hurt the case. [...]


Maybe I'm not on my period. Maybe I'm just dying.

Mother Nature Hates Me

Basically, that. Yeah… I wish there was a way to explain the feeling to somebody that doesn’t deal with it. The best I’ve come up with is that everything on [...]


xbox one and ps4 controllers

Video Games

There was a time not too long ago when parents first bought video game systems for their families as a whole. Boxes and marketing materials portrayed smiling families [...]


tv showing Tom from Tom and Jerry


To me, cartoons are not inherently childish. Many are geared for an adult to enjoy, too. Then, there's cartoons explicitly made _for_ adults. [...]


Leg in Footie Pajamas

Pajamas with Feet

When my son was still little, he wore these big, all-covering affairs. It was one huge piece that had long sleeves, long pants, and feet. Yes, pajamas with the feet. I was imagining something similar in my wife's size, with some minor tweaks. [...]



The Sacred Toothbrush

The toothbrush is often iconic in the secular world's relationships: when a boyfriend or girlfriend begins leaving a toothbrush at their partner's place, it indicates a new step in the relationship. A new level of intimacy. My wife and I had something similar, actually, though it wasn't a precursor to us moving in together. [...]



Strong Emotion on Lotion

Most of my life, I have stood firmly — even violently — against lotion. Not on lotion as an idea: "I don't believe in lotion." But rather, I resisted any opportunity for it to make contact with my person. This applied to moisturizer, sunscreen, and even oils or other topical applications that left a residual texture, fragrance, or generally clammy feeling. [...]


boy using Nerf sniper rifle

Nerf Guns

My best friend and I check our ammunition, making sure the barrels are spinning smoothly. Despite carrying seven foam darts each, our guns are small — easy enough to [...]


lawn gnomes on a shelf

A Song about Gnomes

It's been at least a couple years since I last thought of the underpants gnomes who sang this song, and it's easily been several years since I saw the episode. Yet this morning, it popped back into the limelight. [...]


Jordy Nelson jersey

Game Day Jersey

That loving, supportive wife of mine gets in the spirit, wearing a Packers jersey and — assuming the house isn't full of strangers — little else. It's a fun thing to look forward to, even if we miss the game itself. [...]


Korean Sinchon watergun warriors


Nowadays, water guns come in all shapes and sizes, from the cheap handheld ordeals that empty in minutes and break after a couple refills to the heavy duty Super Soakers with sights and incredible ranges. Well, this row of lusty boxes contained something like a Super Soaker on steroids. [...]


two belly dancers

Belly Dancing and OCD

I have a thing for bellies, and I make no secret of that. Maybe it's not a full-grown fetish, but it's notably influential. It may come as a surprise, then, that the art of traditional belly dancing doesn't "do it" for me. [...]


harmless dwarf bunnies

A Harmless Post

Many Christians tend to really not like the idea of tackling sexual issues frankly. But let no one say this website lacks something for everyone. Here's a handful of videos everyone can agree on. Who doesn't like cute little dwarf bunnies? [...]


belly button with lint

Umbilical Fabric Repository

It's severely annoying: I have to dig it out any time I've worn a shirt longer than just a couple hours. It's slightly embarrassing: when I take off my shirt in front of others (including my wife), there's this ball of fabric demanding attention. [...]


glitter close-up

Herpes of the Craft World

Glitter is evil. Glitter is devil dust. An artistic friend once described glitter as the "herpes of the craft world". It's an apt description. [...]