My Joseph Journey

In this series, Phil reflects on his two years as a Christian in prison and how it influenced his faith and marriage. As a devoted follower of Christ before, during, and after his prison experience, Phil often finds his experience compared with the classic story of Joseph in the book of Genesis. Here, he relates various aspects of the experience, from the food to the church and how each affected his walk.

My Fellow Inmates

My Joseph Journey – The Inmates

I have always been a people watcher, but no mall, school, airport, or ComicCon could ever prepare me for the characters I'd get to watch in prison. [...]


My Inmate Brothers in Christ

My Joseph Journey – The Brothers

Prior to my prison sentence, I was a part of a vibrant, healthy, biblical church. Vibrant leaders led our church who were well-trained in theology and focused on integrity [...]


Prison Food

My Joseph Journey – Prison Food

It seems silly to comment on prison food, but you'd be surprised. There's a lot to be said about the overall experience. [...]


The Prison Staff

My Joseph Journey – The Prison Staff

I use the term prison staff to keep the label deliberately ambiguous. Most outsiders would simply call them “guards” collectively. Most insiders call them [...]


Being a Christian in Prison

My Joseph Journey – Introduction

A Christian in Prison It’s a new year, so let’s start things out with a bang. I’m a felon. Yeah, that’s right. I committed a crime. And got caught. I [...]