shirtless guy on beach

I Don’t Get It – The Appeal of the Male Body

Whether full of sharp angles, supple curves, or some combination of the two, the woman's body is the literal personification of beauty. Why wouldn't men be drawn to such a wonder? What doesn't make sense to me is the appeal of the male body. We're all awkward shapes, hairy parts, and dangling members. [...]


man playing guitar on the toilet

Bathroom Privacy

I’ve talked about the subject of having boundaries properly set before, and I’ve even explained my method for determining boundaries. If you’ve read many of [...]


feet in a hot tub

Swinger Free Hot Tubs

I’m annoyed. When I told my wife I wanted a hot tub, she flinched a little. Hot tubs do, after all, hold a certain reputation. I’m not annoyed my wife immediately [...]


a stopwatch

The Minute Man

Years ago, I was having a business meeting with a self-described cowboy from northern California. He looked something like a cross between Willie Nelson and Yosemite Sam and [...]


usb humping dogs

Canine Credit

They call it “doggystyle”. It’s the sexual position where a woman bends over while on her knees, positioning herself on all fours, while a man penetrates [...]



The Big Question

There’s a question that sits at the back of minds all around the Western world. It’s far more finite than “Why are we here?” and it’s more [...]


a breastfeeding infant

Function and Form – The Asexuality of the Nursing Breast

Ultimately, the breasts are for babies, and they do this wonderful plumping like Ball Park franks when they do their work. And as they do, their beauty expands accordingly. Yet this is not the narrow scope of sex appeal, per se. [...]


girl with pink hair

Why Not Match the Carpet to the Drapes?

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “The carpet doesn’t match the drapes.” Well, maybe you haven’t. Perhaps you’ve lived your whole [...]


man's bare chest

Temples with Nipples

Am I the only one who finds it peculiar that men have nipples? On women, they serve a purpose. They offer a source of nutrition to the youngest of children and a source of [...]


a toy plumber bending over

Gotta Respect the Plumber Butt

It’s interesting to me how some professions seem to include a certainty of partial nudity. I’m not referring to exotic dancers. I mean the less obvious ones. [...]


woman shaving legs

Body Hair Adventures

Let me just say that I now appreciate the efforts my wife endures to keep legs silky smooth. As a guy, it’s been relatively easy to shave. Sure, the face and neck have [...]


creepy dude singing on a slide

Proper Words

As with other discussions about language, this post contains words that may offend certain readers. If you’re offended by these words, feel free to skip reading this [...]