Temples with Nipples

man's bare chest

Am I the only one who finds it peculiar that men have nipples?

On women, they serve a purpose. They offer a source of nutrition to the youngest of children and a source of satisfaction to the oldest of children (aka Dad) who never seem to lose their preoccupation with “boobies”.

But why does Dad actually have his own? Other than giving some visual reference points, they serve no purpose. So why do men have nipples?

The answer has more to do with Mom than Dad, actually.

Why Men Have Nipples

Our vestigial nipples are the result of how the embryos of vertebrates develop. During the earliest part of our fetal development, there’s only a theoretical difference between genders. Up until this point, we develop pretty much identically, whether we’re male or female. In fact, up to a point, it’s even difficult for the untrained eye to distinguish embryos across species. Humans, foxes, iguanas, and falcons all look remarkably similar…

But back to the human race. We’re anatomically more female than anything up until a point in the womb when gender starts to affect development. It’s at this point when our brains become distinct in their development. It’s at this point when erectile tissue becomes penis or clitoris. In short, this is the point of divergence for genders.

But it’s before this point, not after, when our bodies develop nipples. So, bro, you wanna know why you have nipples like a chick? It’s a leftover from when you used to be a chick. Comforting, eh?

Just remember: your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. A temple with nipples.

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