Be a Prayer Partner

praying hands

Here at theUMB, we hope to walk in the path God has created for us, glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ as we celebrate the intimate liberty of God’s gift of marital passion. Yes, we’re topical—for the most part—but in the big picture, we recognize that without Jesus none of this would be possible. Not our marriages, our “free indeed” sex, our writing, or even you reading this right now.

We are but stewards of His plan, of His vision, and the real burden of the results rests not on our talent or knowledge but in the grace afforded us through Christ. Whether we have ten readers today or ten thousand, it is God who gives seed to the sower and God who cares for it. Even still, we flawed humans have a role to play.

Maybe You Can Help

So, I’d like to invite you to join us in regularly praying for theUMB, its leadership, its contributors, and its community.

When I begin praying for something on a regular basis, I find it immensely helpful to write down a specific list of prayer points. I’ve done that with theUMB, and if you’re willing, we’d certainly appreciate it if you’d pray for these things with us monthly or weekly (or even daily). I believe a one-minute prayer on the lips of our faithful readers could have a more powerful effect on this project than anything our staff could do.

Also, I know sometimes it’s hard to remember everything I want to pray for consistently. That’s another reason I write down my prayer points: I can stick them on my mirror, on my desk, or in my wallet to give me a reminder. When I see it, I pray. If you’d like, we can email you monthly or weekly reminders to pray for us. This email would include our current prayer points and occasionally a special message from theUMB team for our prayer partners. Just enter your name and email address in the form below and we’ll send you a confirmation.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Prayer Points

  1. theUMB in General
    • Provision – to have the resources necessary to accomplish God’s will
    • Influence – to increase in favor with the broader Christian community and the general public
  2. Leadership
    • Wisdom – to recognize God’s path and keep theUMB focused on Him
    • Grace – to lead theUMB to success
  3. Contributors
    • Inspiration – to write anointed, entertaining, and encouraging content
    • Discipline – to follow the Holy Spirit and not the flesh
  4. Partners and Community
    • Health – to grow in spiritual, marital, and relational health
    • Witness – to demonstrate value in the Gospel of Jesus Christ