Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster Kisses

His eyes went wide as I inhaled, pulled him in, and planted kisses and ridiculous growling noises on his cheeks and face. I sounded like the Cookie Monster devouring a triple layer chocolate chip cookie cake. A joyfully squealing cookie cake wearing a diaper. [...]


sleeping naked

Exposed Repose – Can Parents Sleep Naked?

The tangle of limbs, the heat of skin on skin, it's great. And so it remained until my wife peed on a stick one day. Now, my most comfortable state was in question. I knew what newlyweds did. We were good at that. But I didn't know what parents did. So, I dug deeper. [...]


banana and condom

Mandatory Homeschooling

In cases like ours where our kids attend public school, there is one class offered at their school that we'd better make sure we teach at home first: sex ed. [...]


naked boy looking outside

Rearing Familiarity

Last week, I posted about my prior soul (and Bible and lots of other) searching about strategically raising children who don’t enter adulthood weighed down by body [...]


little girl kissing mirror

Shameless Children

How should biblical modesty be applied to kids in the home, in front of immediate family? Can kids just go around naked? [...]


kids on the floor

Family Floor Night

Once a month this happens, and that's a good thing, because any more would be exhausting. Our home, especially our living room, gets transformed into something special. We call it Family Floor Night. [...]


Santa Claus

The Truth about Santa

I don't condemn any parent for doing the Santa thing. But here's why I won't. [...]


peanut M&Ms

Push-up Price Tag

“Dad, can I buy some of these?” he asks, rattling the familiar yellow wrapper of peanut M&Ms. “Sure, son. But there’s a price. Look on the [...]


baby feet in parents' hands

The Effect of Kids on Marital Intimacy

If you’ve read much of our site, you could get the feeling that Clara and I are like bunnies, always bumping and grinding at every opportunity. You might think we face [...]


girls in boy scouts?

Scouting for Answers: Girls in Boy Scouts?

BSA has announced they'll start allowing girls in Boy Scouts. As a former scout and parent of a scout, this weekend's campout gave me time to reflect. [...]



Be Vewy Quiet… Wew Bein’ Wabbits

We weren’t planning it, but we just couldn’t help it. Had we planned it, we might have made better arrangements. Not only were we at her family’s house, [...]



Bare Bottom Dash

I’ve mentioned the great fun of co-showering with my wife, and how it serves as something much richer than a sexual experience (though it’s challenging to work in [...]