song of songs

a horse

Mare – Song of Songs 1:9

Song of Songs 1:9 KJV: I have compared thee, O my love, / To a company of horses in Pharaoh’s chariots. NIV: I liken you, my darling, to a mare / among Pharaoh’s [...]


Raya from the Song of Songs

Raya’s Dance – Analysis and Conclusion

This story depicts a culture drastically different from modern America and much of the Western world. It tells of a people with social stigmas and taboos that almost seem an [...]


cup of raisins

Raisins and Flagons – Song of Songs 2:5

Song of Songs 2:5a KJV: Stay me with flagons… NIV: Strengthen me with raisins… NASB: Strengthen me with raisin cakes… Given the raisin-oriented [...]


couple kissing

Breath – Song of Songs 7:8

Song of Songs 7:8d KJV: And the smell of thy nose like apples NIV: the fragrance of your breath like apples NASB: and the fragrance of your breath like apples Bad breath is [...]


couple making out in parked car


Most readers knew of PDAs before coming to this site, but what's this PDS thing? PDS is Publically Discreet Sexuality, a label I've given sexual acts that take place in public settings but are not necessarily under the public's scrutiny. [...]


Raya watches as others dance

Raya’s Dance – 1: Watching the Dancers

Dôdi reclined on a blanket with his new bride in his arms. Raya was four days out of the veil he’d removed on the night of their wedding, but she still wore the [...]


Raya preparing to dance for the crowd

Raya’s Dance – 2: The Challenge

Akka’s laughter rumbled Dôdi out of his reverie. “Little brother, you have done our queen a disservice!” In his arms, Raya turned to consider the big man [...]


Raya from the Song of Songs strips to dance

Raya’s Dance – 3: She Dances

Dôdi watched as Raya approached the monolith and paused before turning to face the crowd. She waited for the abundant applause to die down as she looked to her husband in [...]


Raya from the Song of Songs is praised for her beauty

Raya’s Dance – 4: Her Praises

Everyone roared their jubilee and Dôdi beamed proudly as his wife panted, making her way over to him. She bent over and planted a kiss on his cheek, sending thrills through [...]