Why Not Match the Carpet to the Drapes?

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I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “The carpet doesn’t match the drapes.”

Well, maybe you haven’t. Perhaps you’ve lived your whole life in an Amish community and this is your first taste of the Internet. First, welcome to the wonderful World Wide Web; we have cookies. And porn. But the cookies are hidden and the porn is not — our first mistake. Second, my new Amish friend, the phrase means the hair on someone’s head (the “drapes”) is not the same color as their pubic hair (the “carpet”), an indication that they use color treatments on their head. Like, they’re not a natural blonde or redhead, despite their luscious locks. See, there? You just learned something. Aren’t you glad you decided to try out this Internet thing?

Anyway, I want to know why that is… Why not dye your pubic hair, too?

Sure, it would be incredibly awkward at the salon, but plenty of people use the DIY boxes, and they could just as easily work downstairs, right?

And presumably, the color change would last longer below the waist. The growth model is completely different. It doesn’t perpetually grow out; it’s more of a replacement concept.

I dunno. Maybe people actually do this. I’ve never heard of it.

A Twist

But what if the surprise went the other way?

What if my wife gets some help with a bit of hair bleach and neon green dye. I’m working my kisses lower and lower, and BAM! It’s like my lover is from another planet!

Definitely unexpected. And probably hot.

And it would be totally more surprising than the usual carpet-doesn’t-match-the-drapes scenario, right?

Worst case, it doesn’t work. Shave it off. Done. It’s certainly easier than dealing with a bad color job north of the equator.

Originally posted 2015-08-07 08:00:42.

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