dripping showerhead

Save Time; Save Water; Save Your Marriage

Our co-showers became about more than the sexual thrills of seeing each other naked, lathering up together, and rinsing off sensual suds. Soon, we often found ourselves just showering [...]


heart shape on wet window

To the Window

Unfortunately, glass has a two-way quality. With two-story houses that can see over our privacy fence behind us, this poses a quandary. You see, generally, we're pretty "clothing optional" about things [...]


castle with moat

The Wisdom of Boundaries

"I just don't even understand how a man could do that," I said, adding a mental, Grow a pair, man! I was the king of cliché Christian judgmentalism. And he was the scum of the earth. So profound was my disgust that I still remember the exact intersection I was driving up to when we had this conversation. [...]


pack mule

The Pack Mule Experience

A man who despises shopping with his wife is a Pack Mule whereas a man who desires shopping with his wife is a Husband. And believe it or not, he doesn't get to pick his role; it is placed on him by his wife. [...]


Public Display of Affection

PDA – Public Displays of Affection

There’s something thrilling about making a public claim on my wife. It’s like sticking my own personal imperial flag in the ground and shouting, “I claim [...]


mannequin in lingerie

Objectify and Wife-ify

Some may consider this to be a form of compromise, of acceptance of sin. After much prayer, reflection, meditation, and study, I can honestly say I don’t believe it is. [...]


not that kind of tease

When I Tease My Wife

I love to tease my wife. A lot. Does that make me a sociopath? A sadist? Or just a guy? Or, perhaps, is there not much difference between the three? [...]


woman holding her beau

What Touches Me – The Touch Love Language

This won't come as any surprise to those who've read Gary Chapman's now-classic bestseller The Five Love Languages, but each of us communicates love in a distinct way; it's our "love language". It's how we naturally express our love, but more than that, it's how we best interpret love expressed to us. [...]


couple holding close on sidewalk

Touch 2.0 – Love Dialects

As you grow to consider your natural tendency to speak and understand one language over another, you can start to expand on the basic premise of language and begin to dissect dialects. Sure, she needs me to spend time with her, but what increases the quality? [...]


pack mule

Making It Happen

The default pattern of shopping, for some reason, involves the man assuming the mantle of Pack Mule while the wife does her business. If you're not going to go that route, you've got to deliberately choose to do otherwise. The Husband experience has to be a mutual decision. That means: talking about it. [...]


pack mule

The Husband Experience

The Pack Mule is the man a wife takes shopping with him to carry bags and nothing more. She might permit him to voice an opinion on an outfit or two, bit it's for his benefit, not hers. She's picked one specific outfit to let him see to confirm an already-made decision. His opinion doesn't really matter. [...]


trophy eagle

My Favorite Trophy [Wife]

I love being seen in public with my wife. Walking around with this sexy woman on my arm, I know people are looking and asking themselves, “How did he land her? [...]


share your dreams with your spouse

Share your Dreams with your Spouse

You'll spend six years of your life dreaming. Do you regularly share this significant part of your life with your significant other? If not, you're missing out on some real intimacy. [...]


couple making out in parked car


Most readers knew of PDAs before coming to this site, but what's this PDS thing? PDS is Publically Discreet Sexuality, a label I've given sexual acts that take place in public settings but are not necessarily under the public's scrutiny. [...]