Christian Sex Games – Retail and Homemade Games

Some of the best sex often involves some element of spontaneity. Even seduction itself benefits from the unanticipated.

Being spontaneous as responsible adults usually requires effort — stealthily arranging a babysitter, buying supplies or tickets, saving money under the radar; you know, the sort of stuff that doesn’t sound all that spontaneous. Most of us are willing and able to handle the efforts of such logistics, but the effort of coming up with ideas for spontaneity often seems so insurmountable we don’t even bother.

A good sex game is cloaked in unpredictability; sometimes they don’t even prescribe sex at all.

That’s the beauty of sex games, though. A good sex game is cloaked in unpredictability; sometimes they don’t even prescribe sex at all. The result is a wide-eyed curiosity, a nervous anticipation, and a steamy buildup of desire. Plus, it’s a game, so there’s automatically a little fun involved.

Buying Games

You can go out and buy sex games, and some are very good. There are a number of specialty stores that sell various sexual paraphernalia including sex games, but you often need to be cautious when browsing such places; not everything there is wholesome.

Yet often these games aren’t designed with monogamy or mutual love and respect in mind, which are fundamental in a healthy Christian marriage. And go figure that stores don’t have a Christian sex game section. So, you may spend your money only to find that the rules or other gaming elements need adjustments to suit your Christian purity. We’ll do what we can to steer you right on those retail sex game options.

Dust Off those Dice

On the other hand, you may have games in that top shelf of your coat closet or in your video game collection that can offer a perfect recreational backdrop for an episode of physical intimacy. Or maybe just grab a few dice or other gaming paraphernalia and get busy.

Strip poker too cliché? Seven minutes in heaven too indistinct? Spin the bottle too predictable with — you know — only two players? Well, we’ve got a section of the site dedicated to creative sexual gameplay using stuff you’ve already got. Take a look! Christian sex games aren’t as hard as you think… Well, depending on what you mean.

Browse the List of Sex Games

Some might be a bit too kinky for your tastes, or perhaps too tame. Some may need base games or resources and materials you don’t have available. But there’s a fair variety of cheekily-named activities for your consideration, and I’m sure even non-Christian couples could have fun with these.