About Us

TheUMB celebrates the holy gift of marital sexuality through sober biblical study and candid expression, offering encouragement and ideas to Christian couples and equipping them to revitalize intimacy with their God, spouses, kids, and community.

Based on the Undefiled Marriage Bed depicted in Hebrews 13:4, theUMB portrays healthy sex after marriage as sensual, liberating, and godly.

We frankly discuss sexual topics from porn and lust to fetishes and S&M considering each in light of a holistic and rational interpretation of Scripture. We also address off-topic subjects like parenting, culture, and fitness. You’ll also find reviews of books and sex toys, ideas for sex games that can put the fire back in your marriage’s sex life, inspiring stories to give you hope and perhaps inspire your own creative sexuality, and a community of like-minded people who love God and love their spouse and unabashedly honor both loves.

Our Team

TheUMB is a group effort, though a lot of the work goes on behind the scenes. Phil writes a lot, but Clara does a great deal behind the scenes (even beyond inspiring so many of Phil’s posts). Freya handles some of our editing for us while her husband lends his support and managerial input. John oversees our social strategy and contributes a single man’s viewpoint from time to time. All of these guys and several others stand for theUMB in prayer before the Lord, and we hope that you do, too.

Plus, our team appreciates the people who have helped make this site happen: the designers, the programmers, and the hosting company. We may have paid for your services, but we’re no less appreciative for the work you’ve done. In a way, you’re part of our team, too. And we certainly wouldn’t have this site without you.

Tag, You’re It

So you’re bought into the mission of theUMB. You pray for us. But you’d like to go a little further. Perhaps you’d like to contribute your time and skill in writing, graphic design, or other unique talents. Let me just warn you, we’re protective over our team and our mission, and for all the jokes and fun, we take this very seriously.

If you do, too, and if you’re interested in helping us out, feel free to let us know using the form below.