xbox one and ps4 controllers

Video Games

There was a time not too long ago when parents first bought video game systems for their families as a whole. Boxes and marketing materials portrayed smiling families [...]


tv showing Tom from Tom and Jerry


To me, cartoons are not inherently childish. Many are geared for an adult to enjoy, too. Then, there's cartoons explicitly made _for_ adults. [...]


Leg in Footie Pajamas

Pajamas with Feet

When my son was still little, he wore these big, all-covering affairs. It was one huge piece that had long sleeves, long pants, and feet. Yes, pajamas with the feet. I was imagining something similar in my wife's size, with some minor tweaks. [...]


boy using Nerf sniper rifle

Nerf Guns

My best friend and I check our ammunition, making sure the barrels are spinning smoothly. Despite carrying seven foam darts each, our guns are small — easy enough to [...]


Korean Sinchon watergun warriors


Nowadays, water guns come in all shapes and sizes, from the cheap handheld ordeals that empty in minutes and break after a couple refills to the heavy duty Super Soakers with sights and incredible ranges. Well, this row of lusty boxes contained something like a Super Soaker on steroids. [...]