“Drink Your Fill.” – Christian Sex Shouldn’t Be Boring

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Sex is fun.

Good sex is really fun.

I don’t think these truths would come as a surprise to people with healthy sex lives. Between hormonal chemistry and nervous electricity, we humans are hardwired to enjoy sex as much as or more than any other animal on the planet.

Somehow, the world has determined that sex in marriage — much less Christian marriage — is somehow less-than, if it exists at all. It’s like they think my wife attempts to seduce me by wearing my favorite long-and-loose blue jean dress that somehow manages to cover more skin than she even has. If I’m feeling biblically burdened to procreate and find her denim duds sufficiently inoffensive, perhaps I can subject myself to this carnal ritual of necessary evil. After a prayer for forgiveness for the forthcoming feat, and the faithful foreplay of the first four verses of Just As I Am, we quench all sources of light so God won’t witness this unholy act, remove as little clothing as needed to do the deed, and spend the whole time thinking we’d rather be in Heaven.

Frankly, that image sounds more like some quirky role play than anything resembling what actually goes on in our bedroom. Or on our couch. Or kitchen counter, bath tub, dining table, living room floor, back yard, back seat, office chair, computer keyboard, workbench… you get the idea.

“Christian” Reservations

Shouldn’t the world be asking Christians, “How can my sex be as good as yours?”

 Why can’t Christians be adventurous in the marital bed (or other surface, horizontal or otherwise)? If God made sex to be pleasurable, and God made sex for marriage, doesn’t it stand to reason that God intends for marital sex to be particularly pleasurable? Shouldn’t we have an edge on the fun? Shouldn’t the world be asking us, “How can my sex be as good as yours?”

But do they? Ever? Not really. Frankly, they think we’re a bunch of prudes who are simply missing out on all the fun they get to have because they’re not subject to our “rules”. Indeed, most Christians feel the same way. Like they’re missing out.

In Wild at Heart, John Eldredge points out that many Christians will “tell you that the Song of Solomon is nothing more than a ‘theological metaphor referring to Christ and his bride.’ Ask ’em what they do with passages like ‘Your stature is like that of the palm, and your breasts like clusters of fruit. I said, “I will climb the palm tree; I will take hold of its fruit.”‘ (Song 7:7-8).”

Wow. Are we so terrified by worldly sex that we avoid even its holy marital cousin? Have we forgotten that sex was created by God and corrupted by the enemy to arrive at its popular state? Are we so aggressively puritanical even when the Bible has a whole book dedicated to the holy goodness of love and sex?

God’s Word

I admit I am no theologian, but I can’t help but think God is pleased when I enjoy sex with my wife, when I cherish the gift He gave me in her body, when I savor every inch of her spirit, soul, and body with every inch of mine. When we experiment (still within the marriage here; I’m not advocating adultery), play games, get loud, seduce each other, talk sexy, flirt in public, or even sext one another, when we explore and learn and try and taste, I picture God up there repeating His own word: “Eat, friends, and drink; drink your fill of love” (Song of Songs 5:15 NIV).

Bottom line: Christian sex shouldn’t be boring.

So we eat, we drink. We “imbibe deeply” as the NASB puts it. And boy is it fun.

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