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I’ve addressed how the Bible clearly endorses rather than forbids body piercings, though as with anything else that affects our appearance (tattoos, for example), we should use discretion. Otherwise, we might as well be a pig (a slight twist on Proverbs 11:22). But the piercings themselves are most certainly kosher.

And personally, I think they can be pretty hot.

I’m relatively indifferent to earrings. I think they can be very pretty, but I’m not especially drawn to them. I’ve bought some nice ones for my wife (palladium ones, thanks to her mild gold and severe nickel allergies), and I enjoy seeing her in them. But by no means do I beg for them.

However, at one time, my wife had a belly button ring, and it… was… so… hot!

I’d dig a tiny little stud in her nose. There’s something flirty about it. And maybe a little exotic. It’s understated, yes, but it’s still obvious. Like a good flirt would be.

I totally get off on her belly button as it is. Decorating it just had an amplifying effect. So far, she hasn’t been willing to get another one, especially since her first pregnancy, but perhaps I’ll change her mind. I’d love to see her wearing one while mega-pregnant… Hubba hubba… I know; I’m weird.

Outside of that, I’d also dig a tiny little stud in her nose. Don’t know why, but I think it’s sexy. There’s something… I dunno… flirty about it. And maybe a little exotic. It’s understated, yet it’s still obvious. Like a good flirt would be.

Like earrings, I’m broadly indifferent on most other head-area piercings. Cheeks, lips, tongues, and eyebrows are rather meh for me. Cartilage rings can be cute, I guess, but I’ve never given them much thought.

The other piercing options are a bit different.

On my wife’s massive breasts and proportional nipples, a ring might have to be obscenely large to look right, and no padded bra could counter that (though I wouldn’t complain if padded bras didn’t even exist at all).

Below the belt, I’ll admit to a bit of curiosity. I’ve often wondered what her clit would look like pierced, and I wondered how it would feel for both of us when I was doing my thing down there. And a ring on the ole nether lips for some reason sounds downright hot.

But for now, I’m focusing my efforts on restoring the belly button ring. I don’t care how old she thinks she is, how many pounds she feels she’s gained, or what stretch marks or scars remain from the fruit of our prior love engagements (aka motherhood); that beebo is so sexy!

And it deserves a bit of sparkle!

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