Sex Game: Whitewater Showdown – A Wetlook Sex Game

The ultimate wet t-shirt contest, this game involves three rounds of water gun mayhem followed by some stimulating lip action. So be prepared to get wet, get naked, and get wet all over again. But know that the dryer you stay during the match, the wetter you’ll get when it’s all over. This wetlook sex game is, quite simply, fun.


An outside gameplay area must be selected that meets some basic requirements. First, it needs to have plenty of space to move around and ideally (though not necessarily) it would include some basic obstacles to hide behind. Second, it should offer some privacy, either by distance from civilization, a tree covering, or even simply doing it at night in a poorly-lit back yard. Third, it needs access to a water source for refilling water guns and so on and an area where the weigh-ins can take place.

Each player must have three outfits of all white attire including at least a t-shirt and underwear (panties, briefs, or boxers). Additional articles may be worn by each player, but these, too, must be white. Be aware that additional attire might give you a disadvantage in this particular game.

Several towels will need to be ready. There should be enough for each player to dry off at least three times.

Each player will need equivalent water ammunition consisting of at least two water guns but possibly including water buckets, water balloons, water grenades, and the like. Just ensure that each player has equal access to such things.

A scale (ideally digital) that measures pounds and either ounces or tenths of a pound should be available. Scales used to weigh mail for postage could work well. Along with the scale, each player should have a personal bucket or large bowl that can hold plenty of water and clothing. Car wash buckets of five-gallon paint buckets work well.

Additionally, each player will need a water-resistant watch, ideally with a timer or stopwatch feature.

Game Structure

The game is played for three matches of five minutes each. After each match, clothing is removed and weighed, and a winner is declared. Whoever wins two out of three matches is the game winner.


Each match involves a little bit of preparation along with the match itself.


Preparation includes three steps.

First, each player takes off all their clothing (everything except shoes and watch) and allows the other player to weigh the outfit and write down its pre-match weight. After the match’s completion, this number will be referenced again to determine which player was most soaked, so make sure it’s accurate.

Second, the players get dressed and armed with equivalent ammunition.

Third, the players assume starting positions in the gameplay area, ideally at a distance from each other. The players should audibly count down from ten together to start their five minute timers. At zero, the match begins.

The Match

Using cunning, stealth, or raw courage, the players attempt to fully saturate each other while attempting to stay dry themselves. After five minutes, the match is over and all weapons are abandoned.

At this point, the players are not allowed to wring out their own clothing or otherwise undo any saturation they’ve endured. However, there’s nothing stopping them from creatively avoiding saturation during the match, including (if you’re daring) even removing and hiding garments to prevent them from being risked. Just remember that it’s still a risk — abandoned attire can be picked up and easily drenched, likely losing you the round.

The Weigh-In

When the timer goes off, the match is immediately over. Do nothing to wring out your clothes — if they appear wrung out, you’ll get disqualified for this match. The players come together to the scales and buckets.

Very carefully, each player takes turns removing one article off the other person at a time (alternating from player to player for each article) until they’re naked, placing the sodden garments in the appropriate bucket. Once a player is naked and their sodden attire in their own bucket, their opponent may wring out one of the player’s garments into the bucket and then use it to sponge off excess moisture from the player’s body and hair to maximize the weight.

Each player’s bucket is weighed, and the pre-match dry weight is subtracted, leaving only the water weight. Whichever player accumulated the most water on their clothing loses that match.

After the weigh-in, the players dry off any remaining moisture with towels and the rewards begin.


To the victor goes the spoils, and the winner of each match gets a reward for their success.

Basically, after toweling off, the winner gets wet again. For the next five minutes, they are kissed, licked, and otherwise moistened by the other player, and the match number determines where these licks, kisses, etc. are to be placed.

  • Match One – The first match’s winner may only be touched from the shoulders to the top of the head.
  • Match Two – The second match’s winner may only be touched from the armpits and chest down to the hips (including the hips and pubic area but not the genitals).
  • Match Three – The third match’s winner may only be touched on the genitals, hips, thighs, and buttocks.

Overall Rewards

After all three matches, the overall winner gets really wet — he or she is given a long, soothing bath by the other player (who may only get in the water with the winner if the winner approves). Every square inch of the body must be lathered, scrubbed, rinsed, and dried by the loser.

Then, the overall winner is given a full-body sensual massage. Anything goes, but the one rule is that the winner doesn’t have to lift a finger; after all, they worked hard today.