Sex Game: Wet-n-Wildlife – A Game of Life Sex Game

Break out the swimsuit and have some towels handy. There’s no chance you’ll end up dry, and no guarantee you won’t lose the shirt off your back. But the winnings could be well worth it. Who would have thought a Game of Life sex game could be so invigorating?


Each player must wear a swimsuit and a t-shirt over it and no other attire. The game will need to be played on a waterproof floor (water-resistant chairs would be smart, too), and plenty of towels should be available (at least two per player). Also, a ready source of water should be made available, along with a glass and a large pitcher for pouring said water.

Optionally, you may want to include shot glasses and liquor if you’d like to include alcohol in your gameplay. Additionally, if you don’t want to use open hands for spanking, a whip, crop, or paddle might be handy.

The game is set up according to traditional rules.


The game is played until all players have finished progressing through the game board and money is counted to determine a winner.

Special Rules

The following special rules supplement traditional gameplay.

  • Long-Term Investment – If you have opted to include alcohol in your gameplay, any time a player’s long-term investment number is spun, that player takes a shot to celebrate the collection of the usual $5,000.
  • Life Cards – When a player receives a LIFE card, the next player dumps a glass of water on the player before beginning their own turn.
  • Spin to Win – This special rule introduces another chance to gamble, but you could literally lose the shirt off your back (or more, if you’re not careful). In any Spin to Win, each player may risk up to all worn articles of clothing for more chances to win as if they had the special card that permitted a second spot. Each risked article gives the player another opportunity to try for.
    If they lose, the risked articles are removed and set aside.
    If they win, they keep the risked articles, regain all previously lost articles, and win an amount equal to the usual amount times the number of chances they had to win.
    If no articles are risked, none are required, none are regained by winning, and no multiplication bonus is calculated. Instead, only the usual amount is won.
  • Buy Back – Lost clothing can be bought back and worn again for $500,000 per article.
  • Career – When a player gets a job, they are rewarded with thirty (30) seconds of manual sensual stimulation. College careers earn an additional thirty (30) seconds. Note that the manual stimulation must be done through clothing if the stimulated area is not exposed.
  • College – Before you can earn the big bucks, you must pass the oral exam. The player going to college must perform oral sex for thirty (30) seconds before graduating. If you have opted to include alcohol in your gameplay, take a shot to loosen up before beginning the oral exam. This is college, after all.
    No clothing can be removed to make this oral happen, but it can be pulled aside.
  • Get Fired – Shame on you. A player who gets fired receives ten spankings and has a pitcher of water poured on them by the next player.
  • Have a Kid – There’s only one way to have a child. Science has proven it. So, a player must have sex for thirty (30) seconds if they have a child. If the child is a boy, the man is on top. If the child is a girl, the woman is on top. More science, you see.
  • Buy a House – A player buying a house must lose one article of clothing in addition to the cost of the house. If they have no clothing, the cost is increased by $250,000.
  • Winner – At the end, when the winner is declared, they receive three (3) minutes of manual stimulation and three (3) minutes of oral sex before regaining any clothing they have missing.
  • Loser – A loser loses one article of clothing while the winner dumped a pitcher of water on them. The loser then spins the wheel to see how long before they regain any clothing they’re missing. Multiply the result of the spin by ten (10) to arrive at the number of minutes before their clothing is returned.
  • Dry Off – After the winner has been declared, the players may use towels to dry off.