Sex Game: Spicy Smash Bros

The game is already playful and animated, and what could make it more fun than introducing nudity? This is a no brainer.


The game is played in Stock mode where each player has eight (8) lives, and the stage is selected at random. Players get to select their own characters, but computer-run players will fill any remaining player slots with randomly selected characters at a Hard difficulty setting.

Each player must be wearing exactly eight articles of clothing, as specified by the Per-Player Supplies. Any clothing other than these eight articles are superfluous and should be removed prior to gameplay.


The game is played until three players have run out of lives and the match is complete, with the game declaring a winner and presenting match statistics.

Special Rules

The following special rules supplement traditional gameplay.

  • Lives = Clothing – During the match, you must remove an article of clothing every time you lose a life. The brief period of invulnerability before you’re thrown back into the fray isn’t much time, so move quickly. Put the controller down, remove the article, throw it at least five feet away from the playing area, and pick up the controller. Clothing may be removed in any logical order.
  • Smash Ball = Hours – Any time a player is hit (even a non-damaging or glancing blow) by a single special attack empowered by the Smash Ball, that player adds another hour to their own personal timer. When the game is concluded, all players must maintain their current state of undress for the full duration of their individual timers. All players begin with one hour on this timer, so a player hit by a Smash Ball attack five times cannot get dressed until six hours after gameplay concludes.
  • Out of Lives = Distraction – Once a player is out of lives, they may act as a distraction for the other player if the match is still going. All distractions are permitted, provided:
  • Line of Sight: the still-in-play player’s line-of-sight to the screen is not interrupted;
  • Controller: the still-in-play player’s hands and fingers are not impaired or gameplay is otherwise directly compromised (jostling, shoving, etc.);
  • Clothing: clothing is not removed from the still-in-play player unless required by game rules; and
  • Touch: the still-in-play player is not touched by anything except for the distracting player himself/herself.
  • Three-Part Pickup – If a human player hits another player with the targeted bird pickups that comes in three parts, the hit player must perform a dare given by the targeting player after the match’s conclusion and before the hit player gets dressed. These dares are cumulative, so a player may have to perform multiple. All manner of dares are permitted, provided:
  • Health: the players aren’t likely to sustain permanent injury or serious illness as a result of the dare;
  • Undress: the player returns to the required state of undress if changed during the performance of the dare;
  • Likely Criminal Charge: the player is not likely to be charged with a crime as a result of the dare; and
  • Ethics: the player is not required to egregiously compromise their personal ethics to an extreme degree (some compromise is permitted).