Sex Game: Steady Hands – a Jenga Sex Game

This game is very simple to play, but it requires a lot of focus, dexterity, and skill. If your off-hand is steady on its own or your primary hand has that special touch, you’ve got a fighting chance. If not, it’ll all come crashing down. And if you’re ambidextrous, ultimately this is a Jenga sex game, so God help your opponent.


Players are dressed in everyday attire at the start of the match, and each person is given a bottle of lubricant — sexual lubricant is recommended, but you could use baby oil, massage oil, or anything else that both players agree on.

The Jenga blocks are pre-stacked as a tower with no holes or gaps.


Players take turns removing and replacing blocks until the tower falls down due to block movement while both players are naked.

Special Rules

The following special rules supplement traditional gameplay.

  • Builder – If a player removes a block and uses it to start a new level, the other player must remove an article of clothing unless already naked.
  • Filler – If a player removes a block and uses it to fill in a single hole on a level consisting of two blocks, they must put on an article unless already fully clothed and the other player must remove an article unless already naked.
  • Clean Hand – A player’s secondary hand is the only hand allowed to touch blocks.
  • Dirty Hand – After making your move, use your primary hand to sexually stimulate your opponent as you audibly count to ten at regular intervals. Once you get to ten, your opponent may make their move, but you must continue stimulating them while they do. You are permitted to dig into clothing to stimulate if desired, and you are permitted to apply lubricant to the appropriate hand. However, you are not allowed to remove any of your opponent’s clothing or jostle them. Your hand is to be a distraction, not a pusher.
  • Fallen Tower – If the tower falls due to a player’s block movement, the opponent gets one point. If one or more players still have on clothing, the original tower is rebuilt and gameplay continues. If both players are naked, the player with the most points wins. If there’s a tie, the gameplay continues until one player gets two-point lead.
  • Winners & Losers – If the loser had at least one point when they lost, they are to masturbate until orgasm while the winner looks on. After they orgasm, they must now manually stimulate their opponent until they orgasm as many times as they had extra points beyond the loser’s score (winner’s score – loser’s score = orgasms). Any orgasms by the winner that occur during gameplay count toward this total. If the winner needs a break to recuperate between orgasms, they may have as long as necessary, but neither player may put on any clothes until all the required orgasms have been reached.