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Most readers knew of PDAs before coming to this site, but what's this PDS thing? PDS is Publically Discreet Sexuality, a label I've given sexual acts that take place in public settings but are not necessarily under the public's scrutiny. [...]


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5 Mandates for Marital Masturbation

While the Bible doesn’t seem to address the topic of masturbation clearly, the very nature of masturbation makes it dangerous territory for a married Christian. [...]


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Scripture on Masturbation

The dreaded “m” word. There are so many colloquial labels for the act. My personal favorite is used at my church’s men’s groups: “Taking matters [...]


basketball sex game

P-E-R-V-E-R-T – a Basketball Sex Game

Time to dust off your old hoops skills. Whether on some secluded blacktop or in your living room with a Nerf ball, you can be sure that your handling skills will be required. [...]


Jenga sex game

Steady Hands – a Jenga Sex Game

This game is very simple to play, but it requires a lot of focus, dexterity, and skill. If your off hand is steady on its own or your primary hand has that special touch, you've got a fighting chance. If not, it'll all come crashing down. And if you're ambidextrous, God help your opponent. [...]