Sex Game: Fiery Fight – A Halo Sex Game

Even a girl who can’t save the world can be adequately handicapped to keep this game a challenge. And even if you die a lot, your naked distraction could drag him down with you. Of course, if you’re a girl gamer, then he’s in real trouble. Not that he’ll mind.


The game is played in Firefight mode, where players work cooperatively to survive against ever-more difficult swarms of enemy reinforcements. Players share a common pool of lives.

Each player is permitted to wear only approved attire.

Apart from the game mode, the game is configured as desired.


A match is played for the full duration (45 minutes) or until all players are dead, whichever comes first. Three matches are played, with fifteen minute breaks in between each.

Special Rules

The following special rules supplement traditional gameplay.

  • Strip Handicap – Prior to the beginning of the first match, players must agree upon an appropriate handicap for each player. This handicap will determine when a player is required to remove an article of clothing.

  • Level 1 Handicap – The player removes an article each time they die.

  • Level 2 Handicap – The player removes an article every other time they die.
  • Level 3 Handicap – The player removes an article every third time they die.
    Removed articles are piled up in front of the respective player. Individual shoes, socks, and stockings are counted as separate articles to be removed.

Team kills do not count as deaths for these purposes.

  • Strip Enforcement  – At the conclusion of each match, the death count statistics are checked against the number of articles of clothing piled in front of each player. If more articles should have been removed, two articles are removed by the guilty player for every article that should have been removed but was not.
  • Shotty Redress – After a round is completed, the following formula is applied to each player (HL is handicap level):

The player may put back on a number of articles equal to the result of this formula but no more than three.

If you’ve opted to include alcohol in your gameplay, prior to each article being put back on, the player must take one half shot of liquor. These shots take the place of the player’s standard between-match shot.

After all clothing adjustments have been settled, the player has the highest result using this formula may force one player to remove one article. If you’ve opted to include alcohol in your gameplay, the cost of this forced stripping is one shot to be taken (by the high-scoring player).

  • The Spoils of War – After the third match, whichever player is wearing the largest number of articles may put all of their clothing back on. All other removed articles may be put back on at a rate of one per fifteen minutes.