Sex Game: Connect Foreplay – A Sex Game Based on Connect Four

All five senses can be rather distracting if you’re trying to concentrate, but at least you can make a small sacrifice to start over if you make a mistake. Your opponent won’t mind. This Connect Four sex game is a sensory overload.


Each player must wear comfortable attire with no real requirements, though a roughly even number of articles between the players will make it a little more fair. You’ll also need a Connect Four game and a pair of dice.

Each player will need a to prepare a “perfume pouch” which will consist of a zip-sealed plastic bag with something inside it that has a strong smell known to arouse the other player. This might be a bit of tissue paper spritzed with perfume or cologne, but it might also be a pair of freshly moistened underwear. You may even opt for the unscented pheromones you can order online, just for an intensified effect.

The players will also need a thirty second timer and a blindfold.

If you opt to include alcohol in your gameplay, have a bottle of liquor that both players enjoy and a shot glass prepared.

The game is set up according to traditional Connect Four rules. The person with the least clothing goes first.


The game is played until a person connects four checkers in a row per traditional rules.

Special Rules

The following special rules supplement traditional gameplay.

  • Strip to Wipe – At any time, a clothed player may dump all the checkers from the board, be it to prevent the other player from connecting four or to begin again with a new strategy. After they wipe the board, the opponent may name any item the player is wearing, and that item must be removed by the player during a thirty second micro striptease. After enjoying the show, the opponent places the first checker on the freshly-cleared board.
  • Sensual Distraction – At the beginning of each player’s turn, the players each roll a die. The sum of the two dice determines which of the five senses will be stimulated by the opponent to create a distraction for thirty seconds. With the exception of the Sight distraction (see below), the player must wear a blindfold for the thirty seconds of distraction.
  • Sight (1 to 4): The opponent offers a visual display for thirty seconds, in front of the game board. They cannot make any noise, but they can remove clothing (provided it’s put back on after), stimulate themselves, or otherwise visually distract the player. After thirty seconds, they continue the visual distraction but behind the board in the player’s line of sight, until the player drops their checker.
  • Sound (5): The opponent makes noises for thirty seconds. They may sigh, groan, yell, or even whisper suggestions or promises in the ear, provided they do not touch the player. After thirty seconds, the player can remove the blindfold and make their move as the opponent continues their audible distraction.
  • Touch (6-8): The opponent may touch the player in any manner for thirty seconds, provided they make no noise. After thirty seconds, the player can remove the blindfold and make their move as the opponent continues their tactile distraction.
  • Smell (9): For thirty seconds, the opponent wafts smells from their perfume pouch to the player. After thirty seconds, the player can remove the blindfold and make their move as the opponent continues their olfactory distraction.
  • Taste (10-12): If you’ve opted to include alcohol in your gameplay, the opponent pours a shot and takes it into their mouth without swallowing. Then, through a kiss, they pass the shot into the player’s mouth who then swallows it. Alcohol or not, for the next thirty seconds, the opponent will offer kisses or other distractions involving the player’s mouth. After thirty seconds, the player can remove their blindfold and make their move.
  • Winner – The winner gets to experience some sensory deprivation to relax them after ignoring the overstimulation so well. They are stripped naked and fitted with a blindfold, a pair of earplugs, toes socks, and gloves. They are then tied down to a bed. For at least ten minutes, they must remain unbothered as they wait for what’s coming. Then, every five minutes, a new sense is reintroduced to them in a certain sequence: smell, touch, taste, sound, and sight. The loser decides what form this reintroduction of each sense takes.