Sex Game: Safe Word

This kinky game is a great way to have some unpleasant and pleasant experiences in a safe afternoon. Someone will suffer, but you never know who. And that person might also get pleasured… if they refuse to say the safe word.


The game does not require a Yahtzee game box or materials, though the concept is roughly similar. For the initial game segment, you will need six dice (unlike Yahtzee’s five dice), some paper, and pens to keep score. On the paper, have each player write the following items as rows (you don’t need to write the explanations in parenthesis if you don’t want to).

  • 2 (two of a kind)
  • 3 (three of a kind)
  • 4 (four of a kind)
  • 5 (five of a kind)
  • 6 (six of a kind)
  • 4S (four-die straight)
  • 5S (five-die straight)
  • 6S (six-die straight)
  • 2P (two pair)
  • 3P (three pair)
  • FH (full house)
  • 2T (two trips)
  • 42 (Forty-two)
  • E (evens)
  • O (odds)
  • JD (junk drawer)

Below this, you’ll also need a place to mark tallies to account for the game’s thirty (30) turns.

Players must wear a plain white t-shirt and one pair of underwear. Be warned; it’s quite possible that these will be ruined, so don’t wear your best stuff.

Optionally, you may wish to have liquor and shot glasses. If so, have each player go ahead and take one shot now to warm up.

Later in the game, a timer and other items may be required. Note the Possible Supplies list and have these available. Go ahead and light the candle now. It should be large enough to stay burning for at least an hour, and you’ll want it to pool up a fair amount in the next half hour (a large three-wick candle can work).

Additionally, you may need the following environments during the course of the game’s second and third segments: a sink, an open, waterproof area, a shower, a bed, and an area where one can be tied up vertically (doorframes work well).

Game Structure

The game has two to three parts. Part One of the game determines the “winner” and “loser” as well as what experiences may be in store for each. Part Two of the game involves the loser enduring a series of potentially uncomfortable erotic experiences administered by the winner. Assuming the loser endures all of Part Two without uttering the safe word (Yahtzee), Part Three ensues wherein the loser is pampered and pleasured, sometimes still in an uncomfortable manner.

Part One

Each player takes turns rolling six dice up to six times in an effort to achieve certain combinations. Effectively, this is similar to the game Yahtzee except that six dice are involved rather than five, and there are six rolls rather than five. Between individual rolls in a turn, a player may choose to “freeze”— that is, cease to roll on subsequent rolls — any of the six dice. The player has six rolls in a turn to result in one of the following combinations:

  • Two of a Kind (2) – two of the same number
  • Three of a Kind (3) – three of the same number
  • Four of a Kind (4) – four of the same number
  • Five of a Kind (5) – five of the same number
  • Six of a Kind (6) – six of the same number
  • Four-die Straight (4S) – a series of four sequential numbers (e.g. 1, 2, 3, and 4)
  • Five-die Straight (5S) – a series of five sequential numbers (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5)
  • Six-die Straight (6S) – a series of six sequential numbers (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6)
  • Two Pair (2P) – two of a number and two of another number
  • Three Pair (3P) – two of a number, two of another number, and two of a third number
  • Full House (FH) – three of a number and two of another number
  • Two Trips (2T) – three of a number and three of another number
  • Forty-two (42) – four of a number and two of another number
  • Evens (E) – All even numbers, including each of 2, 4, and 6
  • Odds (O) – All odd numbers, including each of 1, 3, and 5

When the player rolls one of these options, a check mark is placed next to the corresponding row. If the set was made in a single roll, a star is marked alongside the check. Once a result is marked, you can’t receive credit for it again (i.e. you cannot roll five of a kind twice)

If the result was of the “X of a Kind” type, mark the number that was rolled as well (e.g. if you roll six threes, mark a check with the number “3” beside the row that reads “6”). If the result was a straight with four or five numbers, mark the range (1-4, 2-5, or 3-6 for four-die straights, and 1-5 or 2-6 for five-die straights) alongside the check. This additional information will be important in the later part(s) of the game.

If after six rolls you have not arrived at a result that you hadn’t already received credit for, you may choose to write the sum of the dice in the Junk Drawer (JD) row. You can only do this once per game, so make sure you use it on a big number. But don’t wait too long; you might lose while you’re waiting for that big number.

Once each player has had a chance at six rolls, that’s a turn. Mark a tally in the turns area of your score sheets and begin rolling for the next turn.


Part One is over when either (1) thirty turns have passed, or (2) a player has successfully marked each row including the Junk Drawer (JD). If a player does successfully mark each row, the turn is completed as normal and then Part One is over.

If the game ends because thirty turns have passed, the player with the most rows marked is the winner and the person with the least rows marked is the loser. If there is a tie, see “Breaking Ties” below.

If the game ends because a player marks all sixteen rows, that player is the winner and the player with less rows marked is, naturally, the loser. If two players mark all rows in the same turn, see “Breaking Ties” below.

In either case, keep both players’ scorecards. You may need them.

Breaking Ties

If tied, the Junk Drawer score breaks the tie (highest wins, lowest loses). If that is tied as well, have each player roll a die until one player has a higher roll and declare that player the winner.

Part Two

If you opted to include alcohol, have the winner take a shot for celebration, and have the loser take two shots for bravery. This is the loser’s chance to redeem themselves.

For up to roughly the next half hour or so, the winner will subject the loser to various erotic unpleasantries. However, the loser will retain the right to end the game at any point by saying the safe word (Yahtzee). If they say the safe word at any time (even in Part Three), the winner must ask them to confirm it. If they do, the game ends immediately.

If the loser endures Part Two without saying the safe word, they move on to the far more pleasant Part Three.

The unpleasantries of Part Two are based on what the winner rolled during Part One. Each of the rows marked on their score sheet has an associated action. Some actions have further definition based on what was rolled. Furthermore, any row with a single-roll star gets a bonus (often tripling of quantities).

Below outlines an ordered description of the actions in the appropriate sequence. Remember, the game can end any time; the loser need only say the safe word (Yahtzee). The winner should take their time in administering the unpleasantries so that the loser has ample time to continue. If the loser ever says the safe word (even in Part Three), the winner claims the gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure as a consolation prize (more details later).

  1. Get Naked – If the winner rolled Evens (E), the winner removes all attire from the loser. If not, the loser removes their own clothing. If the winner’s Evens has a single-roll star, the clothing is ripped or cut off with scissors.
  2. Shower – If the winner rolled Full House (FH), the loser stands naked while the entire tank of a large water gun is emptied on them. If the Full House has a single-roll star, the water should be ice cold. The loser is not permitted to towel off, but they may drip dry for a minute if desired.
  3. Artwork – Wet or dry, heat is coming to the loser if the winner rolled Odds (O). Have the loser lie down on the ground. Dripping hot wax from the candle onto the loser’s body, the winner must draw two large smiley faces (one on the chest/stomach, and one on the back). Wipe off excess wax once it has cooled. If the Odds has a single-roll star, draw an additional four smiley faces, one on each butt cheek and one on the front of each thigh.
  4. Safe Mumble – If the winner rolled Forty-two (42), the loser is fitted with a rope or cloth gag. If the Forty-two ha a single-roll star, the gag is duct tape instead. The loser must still be able to breathe through the mouth (so leave a hole if using tape), and the winner must be cautious to listen for the safe word muffled through the gag.
  5. Positioning – The loser is now positioned based on if the winner rolled Two Trips (2T). If so, the loser is made to stand blindfolded. If not, they are made to lie horizontally on a bed or on the ground blindfolded. It might be wise to have a tarp below them in either case. If the Two Trips has a single-roll star, the blindfold is supplemented with a cloth hood.
  6. Two Pair of Ties – If the inner rolled Two Pair (2P), the loser’s hands are spread wide and tied down with minimal mobility. Note that this may require creativity for standing losers. An open doorway can work with some clamps around the doorframe to provide tie-off points. If the Two Pair has a single-roll star, spread and tie off the feet as well.
  7. Pinches – If the winner has a Junk Drawer (JD) score, they will now pinch the loser in places all over the body, fevering the skin a bit by making an effort not to bruise. The number of pinches will be the winner’s Junk Drawer score. Note that single-roll stars don’t exist with Junk Drawer rolls.
  8. Slapping – The open hand of punishment awaits the loser if the winner rolled Three Pair (3P). The left and right buttocks are firmly slapped with the winner’s left and right open hands (respectively) three times, resulting in a total of six slaps, or three pair. Try not to bruise; this is about stinging. As always, take your time, but don’t feel like you must slap in any certain order. Keep ’em guessing. If the Three Pair has a single-roll star, slap each cheek nine times instead of three.
  9. Whipping – Break out the riding crop or whip. Each of the “X of a Kind” (2, 3, 4, 5, and 6) marks results in a corresponding quantity of firm whip strikes to an area of the body determined by the number of the set. If any of these rows has a single-roll star, triple the quantity for that row. Body part assignments for the die faces are:
  • Ones: whip the chest
  • Twos: whip the back
  • Threes: whip the stomach
  • Fours: whip the butt
  • Fives: whip the legs
  • Sixes: whip the hips and/or genitals
    So, a Part One roll of five twos results in five lashes on the back (or 15 if with a single-roll star).
  1. Spanking – The punishment isn’t over if the winner rolled a Four-die Straight (4S). Now, four swats with a paddle come in, with the straight determining the location. If it was 1-4, the swats are given to the lower body, 3-6 to the upper body, and 2-5 to the waist or buttocks area in the middle. Again, the intent is to sting, not to bruise. If the Four-die Straight has a single-roll star, the winner performs twelve swats with the paddle.
  2. Trailing a Lightweight – If the winner rolled a Five-die Straight (5S), it’s time to break out the office supplies. Straighten a paper clip and firmly trail it across the loser’s body in long lines five times, for one minute each (give them a break between each session to reconsider that safe word). If the winner’s straight was 1-5, focus on the waist down. If it was 2-6, focus on the waist up. If the Six-die Straight has a single-roll star, the winner melts eighteen ice cubes in this way; in such a case, it may take a while, so feel free to use more of the body but keeping your focus on the assigned area.
  3. Chill Out – The loser might be getting warm now, and we can’t have that. If the winner rolled a Six-die Straight (6S), the winner will slide a full-sized ice cube over the loser’s whole body until it has melted. And then keep doing it until six cubes have been so melted.
  4. Bruises – Remember the whole no bruises thing? Time to set that aside. This is the last time you’ll be able to try to get that safe word out of the loser’s mouth, and to do it, you’ll be using yours. In normally hidden places on the loser’s body, the winner will now bite the loser soundly. How many times? Well, Part One allowed thirty turns to achieve sixteen results. The number of unused turns, if any, is the number of bites.

Part Three

So the loser endured the unpleasantries of Part Two, huh? Well, hopefully they performed as admirably in Part One, because Part Three’s pleasantries depend on the loser’s rolls just like Part Two’s unpleasantries depended on the winner’s. Again, the rolls’ details affect the activities’ details, and single-roll stars create bonuses (often tripling quantities or durations).

So, untie, ungag, and wipe off the loser. It’s time for a consolation prize, and a hefty one if they played well in Part One.

  1. Get Even – If the loser rolled Evens (E), they get even. The first thing is a little revenge, which we know is best served cold. Still clothed in the t-shirt and underwear, the winner steps into the bathtub and has the chilly and naked loser dump a bucket of cold water over their head. If the Evens has a single-roll star, three such buckets are dumped.
  2. Get Clean – Two rolls govern the details here. First, if the loser rolled a Full House (FH), they get to warm themselves up in a steamy shower. If they rolled a Six-die Straight (6S), the still-clothed winner steps in with them and does all the work, washing them head to toe, rinsing them, and once out toweling them off. If the loser did not roll a Full House (FH) but did roll a Six-die Straight (6S), they still get to be washed and toweled by the winner, but it’s with a bucket and a sponge in an empty bathtub. If the loser failed to roll either a Full House or a Six-die Straight, they sponge bathe themselves. If the Six-die Straight has a single-roll star, this cleaning will include a manual stimulation with the hands until orgasm and any necessary cleanup that results. If the Full House has a single-roll star, the loser gets to watch the winner strip, sponge bathe themselves, hand wash their clothes, lightly wring them out, and put them back on.
  3. Artwork – Rather than hot wax, a loser’s roll of Odds (O) earns them the right to draw one large smiley face on themselves using whipped cream, anywhere they want and using as much as they want. If the Odds has a single-roll star, three such smiley faces are drawn. The only requirement is that the each smiley face must be drawn after the prior smiley face is erased. The winner’s tongue is the eraser.
  4. Relax – Time to chill out, if the loser has a Junk Drawer (JD). For a number of minutes equal to the loser’s Junk Drawer score, the winner will lightly rub down the loser’s body (without oil or other lubricant). This is not a deep tissue massage; it’s not even massage. It’s just a full-body, light-pressure rub-down intended to soothe and relax.
  5. Kissing – For the loser’s “X of a Kind” rolls, the winner will have to kiss the appropriate part of the loser’s body for a number of minutes equal to the type of rolls and the location by the number (again, Ones are chest, Twos are back, Threes are stomach, Fours are butt, Fives are legs, and Sixes are hips and genitals). So, if the loser rolled six fours, the winner must kiss the loser’s butt for six minutes. Justice is served. If any of these rows has a single-roll star, triple the duration for that number.
  6. Trailing a Lightweight – If the loser rolled a Five-die Straight (5S), the winner must tie the loser down comfortably but securely on their back. For five minutes, the winner will lightly trail a feather up and down the loser’s body in long lines. Remember, the loser can still use the safe word at any time to end the game if they’re ticklish. Again, a 1-5 straight means focus on the lower body and a 2-6 means focus on the upper. After this is over, untie the loser. If the Five-die Straight has a single-roll star, this session lasts fifteen minutes.
  7. Hickeys – Now that the winner’s mouth is rested from all that kissing, any unused turns now result in the winner giving the loser for each one.
  8. Massaging – If the loser rolled Three Pair (3P), the winner uses their pair of hands to massage (rather than slap) the loser’s pair of butt cheeks for three minutes. If the Three Pair has a single-roll star, this massage lasts for nine minutes.
  9. Lubing – If the loser rolled Four-die Straight (4S), the winner must rub in an overflowing handful of oil or lotion on the loser’s body four times, allowing it to soak in each time. Like the paddle in Part Two, the numbers of the straight determine the focus. If 1-4, focus on the lower body. If 3-6, focus on the upper. If 2-5, focus on the hips, buttocks, and genitals. If the Four-die Straight has a single-roll star, twelve such handfuls are rubbed in; this can take a while, and eventually the skin saturates, so feel free to coat the entire body if needed to spread it out.
  10. Two Pair Trip – Time to get dressed if the loser rolled Two Pair (2P). The winner drives the loser to a place where the loser’s two pairs of extremities are given a manicure and pedicure using the gift certificate. If the loser used the safe word prior to this point, the winner gets the gift certificate to use at another time. If the loser did not use the safe word but also did not roll Two Pair, neither is permitted to use the gift certificate. Perhaps you should play again. If the Two Pair has a single-roll star, throw in a foot massage (and hand, if offered), too.
  11. Hands Free – If the loser rolled Two Trips (2T), the winner and loser are stripped naked and the loser’s hands and feet are tied comfortably but securely to the bed. Then, the winner does all the work as they have sex, bringing the loser to orgasm at least once. If the sex alone does not result in an apparent orgasm, the effort continues manually and/or orally until it does. If the Two Trips has a single-roll star, three orgasms are owed. One may have been achieved earlier during Get Clean, but two would still be required. The loser may not be untied for any reason except bathroom breaks and emergencies (not even to clean up or to eat; such things must be done for them by the winner). After the first orgasm, the second and third must be accomplished without intercourse, using toys, hands, mouth, or other creativity at the winner’s discretion.
  12. Desserts – With the loser still tied to the bed, if the loser rolled Forty-two (42), the winner feeds the loser a slice of cheesecake or brownie, one small forkful at a time, following each with a kiss so the winner gets a taste, too. If the Forty-two has a single-roll star, the cheesecake or brownie cannot be fed using a utensil, but rather the winner’s body (fingers, breast, tongue, penis, etc.) must be used to feed the loser.

Safe Word

If the loser utters the safe word at any point, the winner is immediately taken to have the manicure and pedicure done, and they are also given a professional foot (and hand, if offered) massage. After returning, they are fed the cheesecake or brownie by the loser, and the loser is responsible for giving them two orgasms according to the rules of Hands-free above (but with the roles of the winner and loser reversed, of course).

Quick Reference Chart


Part Two

Part Three


Loser gets naked

Winner gets wet

Full House

Loser gets watergunned

Winner washes/dries loser

Six-die Straight

Loser gets shower


Hot wax smileys

Whipped cream smileys


Loser gets gagged

Two Trips

Loser stands

Two Pair

Loser tied off

Junk Drawer

Loser gets pinched

Loser gets rubbed

Three Pair

Butt slaps

X of a Kind (2, 3, 4, 5, and 6)

Loser gets whipped

Loser gets kissed

Four-die Straight

Loser gets paddled

Five-die Straight

Paper clip


Six-die Straight

Ice cubes

Leftover Turns

Bite marks


Three Pair

Butt massage

Four-die Straight

Loser gets lubed

Two Pair

Manicure / Pedicure

Two Trips



Cheesecake or brownie