Sex Game: Frisk – a Risk Sex Game

You can score a heavy advantage if you can find the die hidden on the other player. If you fail, try to survive long enough to frisk again. A Risk-based sex game you can play at home in your jammies.


Each player wears four articles comprised of basic pajama attire: an inner and outer garment on top and bottom. A sheet of paper is prepared for recording up to two counters for each player using tally marks, and a timer is made available. Optionally, include liquor and a shot glass for each player.

The game is set up according to traditional rules, with countries distributed and initial armies placed.


The game is played until one player has conquered the world according to traditional gameplay.

Special Rules

The following special rules supplement traditional gameplay.

  • The Frisk – At the beginning of the game and every fifth turn after, each player is given an opportunity to frisk to find — and therefore be eligible to use for five turns — their own personal extra die.
    The friskee may hide the die anywhere on their person except inside the anus. If they have lost clothing, the articles may be piled at their feet, and the die may be hidden among them.
    The frisker is given a number of seconds equal to the number of bonus armies given to them at the beginning of their turn plus ten (10). By the end of the allotted time, they must locate and retrieve the die.
    The frisker may only touch the friskee with one hand, and they must be blindfolded. The friskee may not actively impede the efforts of the frisker but must remain cooperative.
  • Frisk Die – The extra die, if earned, may be used in both attack and defense. Like the traditional third attacking die, they only represent another chance to roll a higher number. If both the attacker and the defender roll an extra die, an additional army is at risk.
  • Cards – In addition to the normal rules for turning in a set of three capture cards, one or two more actions must take place.
  • Shot: If you have opted to include alcohol in your gameplay, then any player turning in a set of three capture cards must take a shot of liquor based on the three cards being turned in.
  • 3 cannons: double shot
  • 3 horsemen: full shot
  • 3 foot soldiers: half shot
  • One of each: body shot, with the amount determined by the person whose body is used. The placement of the shot is determined by the hemisphere (north or south) of the majority of the countries on the card turned in. Northern hemisphere locations are belly for males and bust for females; southern hemisphere shots are placed between the legs. In the event of a tie, the “body” person chooses.
  • Target Take-off: If all countries in the card set belong to a single player (including the player turning in the cards), that player must roll three dice and lose one article of clothing. The total of the roll determines the article to be removed as indicated below. The article must remain off for a number of turns equal to the total of the dice rolled (use the paper to keep track of turns remaining for each article).
    A player cannot lose more than two articles at a time. If two are already absent, the dice total is added to the number of turns remaining for the removed article with the lowest number of turns remaining. If the resulting article is already removed, add the dice total to the turn count for that article.
  • Male Take-Off
  • Dice Total 3-8: Outerwear Bottom
  • Dice Total 7-9: Underwear Bottom
  • Dice Total 10-11: Underwear Top
  • Dice Total 12-18: Outerwear Top
  • Female Take-Off
  • Dice Total 3-4: Outerwear Top
  • Dice Total 5-6: Underwear Bottom
  • Dice Total 7-10: Outerwear Bottom
  • Dice Total 11-18: Underwear Top