Sex Game: Roll the Tape

This is barely a game, but it involves dice and a lot of fun. So, everyone wins.

So, you want to make a homemade sex tape but you’re not sure what to do? Well, here’s your chance to let the dice determine the details so you can determine to focus on the fun.


You’ll need a “d20” set of dice, commonly used for pen-and-paper or tabletop roleplaying games. This set will include 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 20 sided dice.

Additionally, since this “game” is ultimately about producing a randomly-generated homemade sex video, you’ll need a camcorder to record the action. Depending on the initial roll, a wearable camera could be valuable, as could a tripod, but neither is completely necessary.

Other than that, you’ll need other things, but since this is randomly-generated, you don’t know what they are. The main things you’re sure to need are a sense of humor (don’t take it too seriously) and a willingness to throw yourself in the act.

Game Structure

This game involves three steps: rolling the dice, rolling the wheels, and rolling the tape.

Rolling the Dice

This step is the planning session. With a handful of dice rolls, you’ll determine the content of your video. Then you’ll discuss the results and plan the sequence together, deciding if you want to introduce any plot elements (go full cheesy; this is porn, after all) or if you want to just go from one activity to the next.

You can do as little as defining an order of activities or as much as writing and rehearsing a script. Either way, you’ll have to deal with the anticipation for a while, which should make things interesting.

  • Perspective – Roll a d4. The result will determine the primary perspective of the camera. First-person indicates one person usually (if not always) holding the camera to show the experience more-or-less from their point of view. Traded perspectives means that the camera is exchanged periodically between you two.
  • 1: first-person, her perspective
  • 2: first-person, his perspective
  • 3: third person perspective
  • 4: traded perspective
  • Activity Count – Roll a d6. The result will determine how many activities (see the d20 list below) to include. If you roll more than a 1, you’ll need to determine the sequence since they might not make sense in the rolled order.
  • Primary Location – Roll a d8. The result will determine where most (if not all) of your activities in the video will take place. If need be, re-roll if your home does not include the given location. If outside, have a covered, enclosed, obscured, or otherwise private place.
  • 1: bedroom
  • 2: bathroom
  • 3: kitchen
  • 4: dining room
  • 5: living room
  • 6: office
  • 7: gym
  • 8: garage
  • Attitude – Roll a d10 once for each person. The result will determine that person’s attitude or primary personality trait to be portrayed throughout the video. This is less than full-on role play (that’s something you’ll need to decide on your own, if you decide to include it), but this lightweight acting element can help free people from insecurity.
  • 1: talkative or loud
  • 2: horny or slutty
  • 3: hesitant or uncertain
  • 4: aggressive
  • 5: romantic
  • 6: scared
  • 7: oblivious or naïve
  • 8: shy or timid
  • 9: bored
  • 10: tired or even asleep
  • Clothing – Roll a d12. The result will determine what kind of attire you’ll start out wearing.
  • 1: casual wear
  • 2: pajamas
  • 3: robe or towel
  • 4: underwear or lingerie
  • 5: swimwear
  • 6: formal attire
  • 7: athletic or workout clothes
  • 8: lazy or relaxed loungewear
  • 9: club or dancewear
  • 10: costume
  • 11: all whites
  • 12: nothing (naked)
  • Activities – Roll a d20 once for each activity based on your d6 roll earlier. Write down the results and plan a sequence that suits the location, clothing, and other characteristics your rolls have determined so far. Note that the first nine results are activities that you both participate in, while the remaining eleven are one-sided activities/ For this latter group, you’ll roll a d4 to determine which person does the work (1-2: her, 3-4: him) if they don’t already clearly fit based on a previous roll.
  • 1: missionary
  • 2: doggystyle
  • 3: cowgirl
  • 4: reverse cowgirl
  • 5: sitting, facing each other
  • 6: sitting, belly to back
  • 7: standing
  • 8: standing, against wall
  • 9: bath or shower
  • 10: spanking or whipping the other
  • 11: massage or lotion the other
  • 12: photograph the other
  • 13: tie down and blindfold the other
  • 14: oral on the other
  • 15: eat off the other (see below)
  • 16: masturbate him
  • 17: finger her
  • 18: vibrate her
  • 19: striptease
  • 20: lap dance
  • Food – If you rolled a 15 on an activity roll, roll a d10. The result will determine which food to eat off the other person.
  • 1: chocolate syrup
  • 2: strawberry syrup
  • 3: honey
  • 4: whipped cream
  • 5: peanut butter
  • 6: ice cream
  • 7: cheesecake
  • 8: brownie sundae
  • 9: pie a la mode
  • 10: fruit

Rolling the Wheels

With the planning done, have one person get the scene ready while the other shops for any missing items.

Rolling the Tape

Time to have fun. Relax, play your part, and enjoy yourself.