fields of lavender

One Date Changed Everything – Upper Thighs

The lower half of her legs glistened with lavender-scented oil as she regarded me. “Are you sure?” she asked, her eyes narrowing slightly but not in any sort of [...]


wedding rings

The Marvel of Monogamy – A Case for Monogamy

A non-Christian friend recently commented to me that he just couldn’t get past Christianity’s requirement to pick one person to have sex with for the rest of your [...]


Raya preparing to dance for the crowd

Raya’s Dance – 2: The Challenge

Akka’s laughter rumbled Dôdi out of his reverie. “Little brother, you have done our queen a disservice!” In his arms, Raya turned to consider the big man [...]


cup of raisins

Raisins and Flagons – Song of Songs 2:5

Song of Songs 2:5a KJV: Stay me with flagons… NIV: Strengthen me with raisins… NASB: Strengthen me with raisin cakes… Given the raisin-oriented [...]


woman wearing too-small pants

A Fitting Idea – When Too-Small Clothes is Hot

Like many curvy women, my wife has to search far and wide to find clothes that fit her properly. For the most part, options that fit one area are tight on another, or worse, [...]


heart shape on wet window

To the Window

Unfortunately, glass has a two-way quality. With two-story houses that can see over our privacy fence behind us, this poses a quandary. You see, generally, we're pretty "clothing optional" about things [...]


woman in ecstasy

Multiplicity – Orgasms and Double Standards

As a guy, my orgasms are cheap. A dime a dozen. Two for the price of one. Try a free sample. We’ll even pay shipping and handling. In the grand scheme of things, [...]


banana and condom

Mandatory Homeschooling

In cases like ours where our kids attend public school, there is one class offered at their school that we'd better make sure we teach at home first: sex ed. [...]


privacy hotel door tag

The Prevarication of Privacy – Part 1

Something inside knows we're being deceived. In this fast-paced world of email, smartphones, and even WebMD, we can accomplish most of our needs without ever seeing another human face. And our spirits grieve something lost. [...]


Noli me tangere by Titian

Misogyny and Malarkey – Leadership

We’ve established that man and woman were created equal and that the “head of the household” label has more to do with responsibility and function than rank [...]


black and white striped tights

Peeling It Off

My wife once told me about how she commiserated with a girlfriend about Spanx. For the uninitiated, Spanx is a popular brand of shapewear — tight-fitting underwear designed [...]


personal trainer guiding client through kettlebell swings

Healthy Truth #11 – Accountability

Truth #11 – Accountability cannot force me; it can only reinforce me. In Paul’s letter to the church in Galatia, he followed up on his instructions to carry each [...]


a slipknot

How to Tie a Slip Knot

In the bedroom (and in the rest of the world), one of the most useful knots to know is the slip knot. It's extremely easy to do — in fact, it's so simple it's the only one I remember from my scouting days — and is highly versatile. Some of our other How-To posts call for slip knots, so it might be helpful to know. [...]


four draft beers

To Drink or Not to Drink

We’ve covered all sorts of topics here, from the general site motif of sexuality to the entertainment value of foam weaponry. Christian life is far from boring, and [...]


My Inmate Brothers in Christ

My Joseph Journey – The Brothers

Prior to my prison sentence, I was a part of a vibrant, healthy, biblical church. Vibrant leaders led our church who were well-trained in theology and focused on integrity [...]


door knocker

Hey, Get the Door; I’m Not Decent!

I love the image of my wife opening the door while she’s “not decent”. “Hey, get the door!” she calls as the doorbell finishes ringing, [...]


woman with green hair

Unnatural Hair Colors

I’ll be the first to admit my wife has gorgeous hair. Its sweet cinnamon tresses tumble in a rich medley of cutesy curls, luxurious locks, and wandering waves. Each [...]


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