Rain Love

couple kissing in the rain

One of the great things about living where we do is the storms that come through in the spring. They’re not all warm fuzzies of course. There’s occasional deadly wind, hail, and lightning. But in the Osgood home, we relish this time of year.

When a sharp peal of thunder rouses us, we usually snuggle together and drift right back to sleep, deeper than before.

Part of it is the sheer awe that comes with seeing a thunderstorm roll in, bringing in a symphony of majestic beauty and frightening power. Hearing the cracks and rolls of thunder, seeing the flashes of lightning crawl across the sky, smelling the fresh scent of heavy rainfall on a thirsty ground carried in on a crisp wind… It’s glorious.

Some can’t sleep in a thunderstorm. We sleep better. In fact, when a sharp peal of thunder rouses us, we usually snuggle together and drift right back to sleep, deeper than before.

But such weather actually gets us randy, too. Even if it’s just simple rain.

Seeing my gorgeous wife get pelted by massive raindrops gets me all worked up. Naturally, my thing for wetlook plays a role, but there’s something pristinely alluring about my enchanting wife so vividly in the midst of Mother Nature. It’s an image that gratifies my spirit, soul, and body, and I cherish each opportunity.

And that’s nothing compared to making love in the rain.

I love my wife, and she loves me, and we both love rain. It’s a strangely, naturally special way we can share our loves all together, with rain kissing our bodies with a thousand tiny drops while we drop our kisses on each other’s bodies like rain.

A sudsy shower in the bathroom has nothing on this.

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