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I was reading in an old magazine and stumbled across an interesting tidbit. A survey and found something that gives me some hope.

A majority of migraine sufferers reported that sexual activity more often helped release tension and relieve headache.

I’m one of the unfortunate migraine sufferers in America. Mine don’t enter into extreme head pain until very late in the progression, after I’ve already been incapacitated by an extreme drop in energy and a subsequent bout of extreme nausea.

Generally, they start out feeling much like any normal headache — an irritant that can be suffered through if need be but not anything pleasant to endure. The most consistent indicator of whether it’s the real deal is the onset of light sensitivity, which occurs sometime before the energy level starts to plummet.

Anyway, migraines have plagued me for all of my adult life, with little to no discernable pattern. They make me miserable, and I’m certain I subsequently make those around me miserable. While I’m fighting one, even with medicine, I tend to be short-tempered if I’m not lying in a cool, dark room.

My poor wife suffers the most thanks to her substantial empathy. She hates seeing me in that condition and she feels helpless to do anything about it.

Well, according to this survey, she might not be so helpless after all.

A majority of migraine sufferers reported that sexual activity more often helped release tension and relieve headaches, despite the cliché response, “Not tonight, honey, I’ve got a headache.”

I don’t know if I’ll be cooperative, given my lethargic grumps, but should my wife force herself upon me, I might just taste the best medicine I’ve ever been prescribed.

Originally posted 2015-10-09 08:00:46.

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