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Is it wrong for Christians to make a homemade sex tape? The short answer is no, but the long answer requires some vital considerations. First, why do you want to make it? And second, how will you go about making it?


In every situation, a Christian must remain cognizant of his or her motivations. The Bible reveals that God cares a lot more about what’s going on inside us — the whys if you will — than what’s taking place on the outside. God wants our motivations, our wills, to align with Him.

Naturally, making a sex tape is no exception to this global rule.

If your motivation is willfully malicious — if you have even a remote desire (or willingness, for that matter) to blackmail or if you want to make one because your spouse doesn’t want to make one — then obviously you need to refrain. Consider this clearly-marked forbidden territory.

Perhaps you’re still feeding a porn addiction stemming from yet-unresolved spiritual or emotional issues.

Yet bad motivations aren’t limited to the willfully malicious. Perhaps you’re looking for an easy option for release when the real thing requires too much effort or vulnerability. Perhaps you just want to brag that you’ve actually made a sex tape. Or perhaps you’re still feeding a porn addiction stemming from yet-unresolved spiritual or emotional issues.

These motivations are not easy to identify — we hate being truly honest with ourselves, if we’re capable of it at all — but they can be just as virulent to our spirits and those of our spouses as malicious motivations.

Check your why. And if it’s purely (solely) for increasing or maintaining intimacy with your spouse, have at it! But only do it if you’re both genuinely willing. The end result will be more enjoyable now and in the future if you really pour yourselves into it, and that only happens if you’re both bought into idea. Be innocent as doves in your motivations.


But be shrewd as serpents in your methods.

Technical Protection

In this era, a sex tape is rarely an actual tape. It’s a digital file on a device somewhere. And like any other digital file, it can be irreversibly spread all over the Internet within moments. That can devastate a marriage. A sexy night of fun and experimentation could haunt you and your spouse for the rest of your lives.

As a general rule, don’t use any computer, camera, phone, or other device you don’t wholly trust. Don’t use work devices; some have monitoring software on them that could compromise your video. Don’t use grandma’s phone; who knows what she’s accidentally got running on that thing. And don’t use any computer that might have a virus or other spyware. If you’re not sure, take it to a local computer shop to get it thoroughly checked before you begin. An ounce of prevention could save a ton of headache. And don’t use a camera unless you’re absolutely certain you can remove the evidence from it.

Also, don’t upload your file anywhere on the internet, even temporarily. Once it’s out there, it could exist on a backup drive on a server somewhere, or it could even be intercepted by another party who accidently stumbles upon your video flying past as they watch for credit card numbers or other similar data. Don’t imagine such an individual would have any scruples about selling your video to some amateur porn site out there.

Once your video is made, don’t leave it in any form on any device unencrypted. Encrypt your videos and any related files (like your iMovie save files or the like). Format your memory cards, wipe phones, and clear recycle bins.

Don’t leave your video in any form on any device unencrypted.

Better yet, wipe any storage devices using a full overwrite. Files can technically be retrieved from a freshly-wiped, unused drive, but a full wipe actually writes zeros or random bits on the entire drive, providing extra peace of mind. That said, if you’ll be using the drive for other things immediately after (like a camera’s memory card, when you take more pictures), you’ll overwrite the key sectors over time anyway.

Being thorough in your cleanup is crucial. It defeats the purpose of encrypting your files with TrueCrypt if you leave it on your phone and your five-year-old is smart enough to press the play button.

Hiring a Pro

There are professionals in the field who can produce high quality films for you. Really, I’m not sure if I could advise on this with any broad strokes with any reliability, short of saying you’d have to implicitly trust the individual and do a lot of prayer beforehand.

The biggest concern beyond ensuring they will maintain your privacy with the same (or more) vigilance you’d employ is ensuring you’re not causing another to stumble. This is plausible. For example, if you’re making a one-person video as a gift for your spouse, and the professional is of the same gender, the concern is simplified. There may be other circumstances wherein this concern can be handled well, but you don’t get there without a lot of prayer and wisdom.

In general, you’ll be better off if you just do it yourself. Then there’s no doubt. A tripod can’t sin, after all. There’s less of a chance of grief if you just pass on this option if there’s any doubt whatsoever.

Roll the Tape

So, be smart, be blameless, and be naughty on film. Have fun, and enjoy each other.

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