Naked Snow Angels

snow angel

Okay, time for a confession from a weirdo.

When it snows, I totally want to see my wife go out in nothing but some furry boots and heavy gloves, and lay down, and make a series of naked snow angels. As in she’s naked, not that the snow angel is naked. Though I guess that, too.

It makes a hauntingly beautiful yet playfully innocent image in my head.

I can’t imagine why on earth she would do such a thing, but it makes a hauntingly beautiful yet playfully innocent image in my head.

For that matter, she could make a snowman—or a snowwoman; I’m not prejudiced—in the same attire. Perhaps with the additions of a stocking cap and a scarf, since it’ll take longer. I’m not completely unreasonable. Plus, it would look cute, a scarf hanging between her breasts.

Either way, that’s certainly something I’d like to capture on video and in stills. Cute and sexy make a powerful combination.

Meanwhile, my wife reads this and rolls her eyes. And I’m pretty sure the phrase “in your dreams” crosses her mind.

And perhaps the word “sadistic” follows.

Maybe even, “You first, big boy.”

Originally posted 2015-02-13 10:41:03.

Photo credit: JodyDigger / Foter / CC BY-SA
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