Mobile Apps

theUMB Apps

TheUMB has long-term plans to put together a series of mobile apps as sensual aids for our readers. Read on to learn more about each planned project.

Truth or Dare ✞

This app suggests Truth or Dare ideas that fit within the Christian ethics of biblical marriage. Thanks to adjustable “Kinkometers”, users can play with close friends at the group-friendly levels, or they can crank up the settings to experience an erotic game just for a husband and wife.

Codename: Roller Coaster

This concept is still in planning, but it will provide creative, random sensual acts for married couples to engage in.

  • ETA: to be determined
  • Platforms: to be determined

Codename: Safety Dance

We’re still chewing on this idea… It will coincide with a yet-to-be-announced Sex Game.

  • ETA: to be determined
  • Platforms: to be determined