Breasts in All Shapes and Sizes

breasts in all shapes and sizes

For all the substantiation of the cliché “penis envy”, I feel women suffer from it more than men, though with their breasts.

Women with small breasts long for big breasts that can fill out tops or display cleavage (“the bigger, the better, the tighter the sweater”). Women with large breasts long for small breasts that permit dainty tops and don’t require a bra as often.

I recognize that part of this is the ubiquitous body image struggles that face every woman. But that’s really a shame.

What matters isn’t how big your breasts are; what matters is that they’re yours, and made just for you.

From a guy’s perspective, they’re all great. Breasts in all shapes and sizes are beautiful. My favorite kind of breasts are my wife’s, but apart from that, my preferred type are the ones that come on women. There’s my requirement. A man once said, “A-cup to G-cup and everywhere in between, breasts of all sizes are fun to be seen.” Admittedly, some guys prefer them big, but many like them small (and often the guys on either side just don’t understand the other side’s tastes).

What matters isn’t how big your breasts are; what matters is that they’re yours, and made just for you.

Whether your bra is a boulder holder or little more than a dainty decorative nipple cover-upper, know that there are those on the other side of the gender aisle that will love them just as they are. Own them, and trust God to inspire your husband to love them. After all, they were made, in part, for him.

To be honest, when I married my wife, I typically preferred the look of small breasts. And I made the awful mistake of telling her that fact. She is extremely well-endowed, and I practically gave her a complex as a result of my insensitive comment. The truth was, I really enjoyed breasts of all sizes, but had grown to have a slight preference toward the smaller side. That wasn’t what I had communicated. Instead, she heard me say that I didn’t like her breasts, which was anything but the truth. I still had a lot to learn…

Over time, my preferences have shifted, and now I adore my wife’s ample bosom more than any small-breasted alternative I could imagine. God made her breasts for me to enjoy, and I do. I definitely do…

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